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We help you attain peak performance from your engine...

Performance of your car's engine depends primarily on the fuel supply. Injectors are electronically controlled fuel valves which supply atomized petrol in the engine's chamber for combustion. When solenoid of an injector is energized by ECU, the plunger in the injector moves away from the tiny hole on the tip of injector and allows passage to the fuel. As the pulse discontinue, the plunger again closes the path of the fuel. 

Every time we turn off our car's engine, last drop of petrol dries on the nozzle of the injector and leaves behind deposits. These deposits become firm with the heat of the chamber. The more we drive our car, more deposits accumulate. Gradually it starts to restrict the flow of petrol from the tiny hole on the nozzle and the injector starts to lose its efficiency. This causes the engine to stumble and hesitate on different rpm, power and pickup is lost, the car becomes uneconomical on petrol, smell of unburnt fuel can be noticed in the emission and worst of all the wear of engine becomes faster.

FI-Tech offers off vehicle ultrasonic injector cleaning. It restores like-new performance of your fuel injectors and makes your engine run on its peak.


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