FI-Tech is pioneer fuel injector servicing setup in Pakistan. We service fuel injectors of EFI cars using most modern acoustic technology. 
We can help you if your car has any of following problems while running on petrol 

  • Missing and bad acceleration
  • Pickup has gone down
  • Starting trouble
  • Rough idling
  • Hesitation, stalling or heavy running
  • Increased Fuel consumption
  • Unburnt fuel emission from the exhaust

EFI cars have pressurized fuel which is supplied to the engine through fuel injectors. Fuel injector is an electronically controlled valve that delivers precise amount of pressurized fuel into the combustion chamber.

Every time we turn off our car's engine, the last drop of petrol evaporates on the pintle of the fuel injector, leaving behind varnish and other deposits. Heat in the chamber bakes the fuel residues and makes them stubborn to remove. This gunk collects on the nozzle thus makes the pores in the nozzle narrow for the fuel to pass. Over time it results in injector clogging and leaking. Tiny holes on the pintle are constantly exposed to fuel evaporation which leaves behind a powdery residue and affects the spray pattern as much as the fuel flow rate. Dirty or clogged injectors make an engine go down on power, increase fuel consumption, produce pollution and make the engine wear faster. Only 8 to 10 percent clogging in the injector can make the injector to malfunction and cause any or all of the problems mentioned above.


The injector manufacturers claim that the fuel injectors are fairly sturdy mechanisms and don't fail very easily. They only get dirty after some time. Proper cleaning can restore their like-new performance. There is no need to replace fuel injectors unless they are actually gone bad. Injectors are hard to clean. They are sealed units and can’t be opened for cleaning. Internationally, injector clogging problem is dealt with ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning has capability to clean stubborn debris from microscopic grooves, cracks and holes. Since the fuel injectors have tiny nozzles which are designed to atomize the fuel, it is almost impossible to clear them with any other mean. Sonic cleaning is internationally accepted most effective process for cleaning fuel injectors. It is cheap and comprehensive solution for the problem.  

FI-Tech takes pride to introduce this service for the first time in Pakistan.


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